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Welcome to the SArt!

26/01/09 One student group is working with the Open Wall as part of a project for the course IT2901.
23/08/08 ITovation and TEKS invites everyone to an open art competetion. The artist perspective for the contest is to exploit
the artistic potential of possible technologies that can be implemented in the The Open Wall. For details see here
28/01/08 Open Digital Canvas has been successfully mounted on the wall of room 054 by students from 'Expert in team'. Group presentations took place on 25th of January 2008. Here you can see the pictures of the wall and some snapshots of the presentations done by the students.

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The SArt project is conducted inside the Software Engineering group at the Department of Computer Science of at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The head of our group is Prof. Letizia Jaccheri.

The focus of the project is the exploration of interesting research issues in the intersection of art and software. Our objective is to propose, assess, and improve methods, models, and tools for software development in art context. We aim at addressing software engineering processes which are of interdisciplinary nature when meeting with arts.

Our activities are mainly oriented at academic research, but we also take part in different artistic projects. We collaborate with many academic and industry partners.

We welcome you to explore our site and contact us!

The team

Contact Information:

IT Bygget, NTNU
Sem Sælandsvei 7-9
NO-7491 Trondheim
The e-mails of our group members are available here.


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