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Art finds expression in numerous products in society, where developments of products are complex, competitive, global and intercultural in scope. The advent of multi media technology has changed art production processes and the way both music, video, and figurative is fruited by consumers. Contemporary art is often heavily software dependent and the production of the software often needs the involvement of programmers and software engineers. Our assumption is that the interaction between software technology and art is also beneficial for the software technologists.

This project confronts the interdisciplinary problem of integrating software designs originating from different academic genre into better products for society. The research method will be based on empirical software engineering and will benefit from the interaction with experts from different disciplines, like artists.


The principal objective of the SArt project is to propose, and assess, and improve methods, models, and tools for software development in art context. Particular attention will be paid to art influenced software development. Sub-goals are:

G1. Develop knowledge on the interdisciplinary nature of software production in which the software engineering process interact with artistic process (i.e. the creation of heavily software-dependent artworks).

G2. Support artists who utilize software for the creation of their artwork with software engineering knowledge and tools.

G3. Disseminate the findings by publishing in the leading scientific journals and conferences.

G4. Educate competent practitioners and researchers for working in multidisciplinary teams in software industry and artist communities.

Throughout the project we'd like to gain better understanding of how software and art are connected in order to facilitate a better collaboration between the artists and software developers. The project aims to carry out research on the following areas:

  • Bridging the need of artists with artistic software
  • Facilitate collaboration between software developer and artists
  • Strengthen communication between new media art technologies with learning
  • Establish a relationship with art and software to cultivate creativity and innovation in the software development process
  • Improve social learning and increase interests for information technology through games and art

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