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  • Academic research

    The academic research is carried out by all group members and a Master student. We aim at publishing our research experience and results in the leading scientific journals and conferences, some of them are listed in the links section of this site.

  • The ArTe Project
    NFR project number: 189528
    Project duration: January‐December 2009
    Budget: 200 KNOK

  • Artistic projects and installations

    Apart from the academic research, the group is actively involved in some artistic projects in Trondheim:

    The Open Wall Project
    This project aims to embellish a white wall at NTNU with a number of main boards with LEDs on them, creating a big matrix of light pixels.
    The description of the project with the latest updates on it is available on the wiki site.

    Sonic Onyx Project
    Sonic Onyx is an installation commissioned by the Trondheim municipality in January 2007 to the artist Samir Míkadmi. The project is part of the municipalityís effort to develop and introduce innovative public art to public spaces and institutions, in this case Blussuvoll skole in Trondheim. Sonic Onyx is an interactive sculptural space with whish people may interact by mobile phones.
    Artist: Samir Míkadmi
    For more details click here or visit SonicOnyx web site.

    The Flyndre Project
    Flyndre is a sculpture located in Inderøy, Norway. It has an interactive sound system that reflects the nature around the sculpture and changes depending on parameters like the local time, light level, temperature, water level, etc.
    Artist: Øyvind Brandtsegg - composer, musician and programmer.
    Artist: Nils Aas - sculptor.
    The description of the project with its latest updates is available on its web site.

    We are also open to collaboration and involvement in art projects near and far around the globe.

  • Teaching

    Course TDT69
    Artistic Software: Processes and Products

    professor Letizia Jaccheri

    Experts in Team 2008: village Art and Software

    professor Letizia Jaccheri

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